The McCaul-Jackson Lee border security bill, H.R 1417, is not worthy of your support as its passage would make the U.S. less safe and actually require DHS to keep our borders less secure. Please do all you can to make sure this legislation does not pass.

The Secretary of Homeland Security is already required to report on the status of U.S. borders, gain and maintain operational control of U.S. borders, and implement a biometric entry/exit system at ports of entry. This bill weakens current law because it wouldn’t actually force these things to occur, it only requires DHS to submit “plans” on how they could be accomplished. Further, only 90% control of “high traffic areas” of the border are considered, ignoring the rest of the U.S. international land and maritime borders. What use is a bill that asks DHS to submit plans to accomplish smaller goals that they are already supposed to have accomplished?

If you need more proof that this bill is not the way to secure the borders, take this into mind: Rep. Nancy Pelosi took this entire bill and inserted it into the Democrats’ comprehensive amnesty bill, H.R. 15. Would she have done if it actually secured the border?

Please oppose this bill. H.R. 1417 will only lead to more illegal immigration and less security.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA