According to the LA Times, you said:

“With respect to NSA collection of intelligence on leaders of U.S. allies — including France, Spain, Mexico and Germany — let me state unequivocally: I am totally opposed.

“Unless the United States is engaged in hostilities against a country or there is an emergency need for this type of surveillance, I do not believe the United States should be collecting phone calls or emails of friendly presidents and prime ministers.”


Are you also going to make a similar statement regarding unwarranted spying on U.S. citizens, or does the federal government now feel it is engaged in perpetual war against its own people? I ask because the way you and many others in the federal government treat us citizens, it certainly feels as though you consider us enemies of the all-powerful state.

If we are indeed not at war, and you consider us still to be citizens and not subjects, it might be nice of you looked after our interests for a change, as opposed to the interests of every other group and entity on the planet, no matter how inimical to the interests of U.S. citizens.