House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and several pro-amnesty Senators have made it clear that they will use any House-passed immigration legislation to get their “Gang of Eight” amnesty to President Obama’s desk. Rep. Steve Stockman has written a letter to Speaker John Boehner warning of this eventuality and asks him to make sure no immigration legislation reaches the House floor unless it can be guaranteed that it will not be conferenced with Senate-passed comprehensive immigration bills. Please sign this letter and make it clear you do not want sensible House-passed immigration legislation to be used to pass the Senate’s amnesty bill.

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Mr. Speaker:

“‘If we go to conference, we would win.’

“That’s Senator Harry Reid’s assessment of the Democrats’ strategy to take one or more Republican bills related to border security or immigration and seek to win in a conference committee.

“Senator Chuck Schumer amplified upon the strategy; ‘the end game strategy is to get to a conference with the Senate (comprehensive) bill by having the House pass a group of bills.’

“The House conferees would, according to Reid’s and Schumer’s strategy, agree to conference the Senate’s bill; resulting in the President signing a bill to award amnesty to millions of illegals.

“Beyond Schumer’s belief he can get House Republicans into a conference, there is a serious parliamentary problem in agreeing to conference the bill.

“According to the rules, if a bill goes to conference with one issue committed by the House and many issues committed by the Senate, the only question with respect to the non-House issues is how much of the Senate position to adopt. The House goes to conference with no position on any of those questions.

“House Republicans must avoid any actions which could undermine the House’s intention of passing narrowly-focused immigration-related bills.

“Therefore, we respectfully ask that you not bring up any immigration-related bills without a commitment that the House will not conference House bills on immigration-related issues with a comprehensive or multi-issue bill from the Senate.

“Thank you very much for considering our views on this critical issue.”

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Please help keep Boehner on the straight and narrow. He seems to like to wander off onto the Dark Side whenever possible. Thanks.