As an American tech worker, I find it disgusting that IBM posted jobs that preferred foreign workers on temporary visas over American tech workers, while at the same time, they lobby Washington for increases in foreign workers. How are American tech workers supposed to find jobs when corporations can break the law and hire foreign workers at will? Please make sure that American workers have the first shot at any job, and that the federal government prosecutes companies that hire foreign workers over qualified American workers.

Despite IBM preferring less-expensive temporary foreign workers for nearly four years, they were only forced to pay the government $44,400 in civil penalties to avoid trial. During this time, IBM hired thousands of H-1B workers and lobbied Congress for the right to bring in thousands more. It’s clear that this once proud American corporation doesn’t care about helping American tech workers, it only cares about its bottom line.

For example, IBM posted software engineering positions in Atlanta and Boise that require Indian work authorization. Obviously this requirement excluded nearly all American tech workers but included all Indian H-1B workers. This is blatant discrimination against American workers and few in Congress seem to care.

Please act against the practice of hiring low-cost foreign workers at the expense of American workers. Far too many American tech workers are either unemployed or working outside their field.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Congress created this mess, so it’s up to Congress to fix it. Stop the preferential treatment of foreigners over U.S. citizens!