It is imperative that you VETO all gun control bills, up to and including the following:

A.B. 48 (Asm. Nancy Skinner) — Bans magazine rebuild kits (including individual parts).

A.B. 169 (Asm. Roger Dickinson) — Bans transfer of handguns not on the “not unsafe handgun” roster.

A.B. 170 (Asm. Steven Bradford) — Redefines “person” for Assault Weapons permits.

A.B. 180 (Asm. Rob Bonta) — Additional firearms restrictions in Oakland. This attacks state preemption of firearms laws.

A.B. 231 (Asm. Philip Ting) — Criminal liability when child accesses firearm in your home without permission, or a prohibited person accesses firearm in your home.

A.B. 500 (Asm. Tom Ammiano) — Extends wait time period for background checks up to 30 days, secure storage requirements when living with prohibited person.

A.B. 711 (Asm. Anthony Rendon) — Lead ammo ban for hunting.

A.B. 1131 (Asm. Nancy Skinner) — Amends the Welfare and Institutions Code, relating to firearms.

S.B. 299 (Sen. Mark DeSaulnier) — Mandatory loss reporting of firearms within 7 days.

S.B. 363 (Sen. Wright) — Criminalizes storage of a handgun where the owner should have known a prohibited person would access it. Exempts Federal Law Enforcement Officers from the “not unsafe handgun” roster restrictions.

S.B. 374 (Sen. Darrell Steinberg) — Bans all semiautomatic rifles that does not have a fixed magazine, forced registration of rifles already owned. Mini-14s, M-1 carbines, semi-auto hunting rifles with detachable magazines become assault weapons! This may even effect the M1 Garand.

S.B. 475 (Sen. Mark Leno) — Eliminates gun shows at Cow Palace.

S.B. 567 (Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson) — Expands definition of shotgun to include rifled barrels and those not designed to be fired from the shoulder.

S.B. 683 (Sen. Marty Block) — Requires firearms safety certificate for purchasing any firearm.

S.B. 755 (Sen. Lois Wolk) — Expands definition of prohibited persons. Adds misdemeanors such as second DUI conviction to list of prohibiting offenses.

These bills will criminalize and punish me and other law-abiding gun owners. We are peaceful, law-abiding people who want simply to exercise our Constitutionally-enumerated fundamental rights without fear of prosecution and harassment.

Don’t let California’s Legislature — openly hostile to law-abiding gun owners such as me — trample our rights, freedom, and property. Don’t let DOJ and local law enforcement confiscate my guns and put law-abiding citizens in jail. The Bill of Rights is clear: “Shall not be infringed.” Don’t let these bills become law.

We are counting on you, Governor, to VETO THESE AND ALL OTHER GUN CONTROL BILLS and send a strong message to the Legislature.

Choose to defend our fundamental, Constitutionally-protected rights. Choose freedom. Choose liberty. Choose to VETO the gun control bills listed above.

Thank you very much for your time, consideration, and VETO.


Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA