It’s too bad we didn’t get to speak with you over August Recess. Since we were unable to attend your town hall, we wanted to share our views on immigration reform moving through the House this fall. We oppose the Senate-approved immigration bill, S.744, and hope you oppose any legislation in the House that could be used to go to conference with S.744.

During the next few months when the House may deal with immigration reform, I hope you will continue to make your decisions based on what your constituents want to see. Big business lobbies and open borders activists should not have your ear or be your top priority. Rather, how American citizens are impacted by any immigration bill should be your number one concern.

The Senate’s bill would harm American workers and immigrants who are already here for generations to come. It will decrease wages and increase unemployment by adding roughly 30 million new foreign job seekers to our already struggling job market in just the next 10 years. It would also grant an unfair amnesty to people who chose to enter this country illegally, betraying our rule of law and the millions of people around the world who are waiting patiently and legally to enter our country.

The House should be very wary of passing any immigration bill due to the dangers of a conference with S 744, the Senate’s blanket amnesty and worker importation bill. As your constituent, I want to see our current immigration laws enforced, our borders secured, and our economic recovery be the priorities of Congress.

Even though I was unable to attend your town hall meeting during August, I urge you to keep my views in mind and reject the calls from big business lobbies for more foreign workers. At a time when 20 million Americans want a full time job but cannot find one, the last thing we need is to bring in even more foreign job seekers to unfairly compete with Americans for scarce jobs. Also, please ignore open-borders activists who reject the rule and want blanket amnesty for law breakers.

As Senator Jeff Sessions said so eloquently in The Hill this week, “The House must disavow the Senate bill completely and offer it no hope of reprieve, reprisal, or resurrection. Instead, the House must refocus the immigration debate on the rights, needs, and concerns of U.S. citizens. By promoting the constitutional rule of law, rising wages, and economic assimilation, the House can ensure a better tomorrow for all U.S. citizens — immigrant and native-born alike.”

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Stop all immigration, evict the illegals (including “anchor babies”) who are already here, and return to pre-1965 immigration rules!