The U.S. Senate will hold a motion to proceed with S. 744, the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill — I urge you to strongly oppose it. The legislation does not secure our nation’s borders and gives protected status and work permits to millions of illegal aliens; this bill is a repeat of 1986. Immigration reform is necessary and must occur, but this bill is not the answer. Please oppose this bill on Tuesday and start with again with an open process.

One big flaw with Gang of Eight’s bill is that this bill won’t stop future illegal immigration. Unfortunately, the border security promised in the bill are “plans” for border security, not concrete promises. Even border security “promises” don’t mean much, as the American people learned in 1986.

Future illegal aliens will be able to keep their U.S. jobs during the 5-year phase in of E-Verify. It is likely that millions will be enticed to enter illegally because after 5 years (when E-Verify is mandatory for new hires) there are no provisions allowing employers to check the work authorization of existing employees. This would also mean that illegal aliens who didn’t have their amnesty applications approved would be able to keep their jobs and remain in the country.

Under the 1996 law that required an entry/exit system, all points of entry were required to have checkpoints. However, S. 744 guts this never-completed requirement by excluding 106 land border entry points.

No one knows what will happen to the illegal aliens who have come to the U.S. since January 1, 2012, who are not eligible for the amnesty. The bill does not call for their deportation and the bill makes very little mention of ICE and no mention of ICE enforcement. Given that politics has played into preventing ICE agents from enforcing immigration law in this field, it is possible that these illegal aliens may not be deported.

The bill is also filled with “safeguards” which make life easier for those in thous country illegal — even though we are supposedly dealing with our country’s illegal immigration problem. The bill obviously envisions a future buildup of illegal aliens. If this is the case, this bill does not fix the problem and needs to be stopped.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. No more lies! Secure the border. Evict the illegals already here. Evict the “anchor babies” and their families. Prosecute any remaining illegals under the RICO act. Return to the rule of law!