The Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill is an amnesty first, enforcement promises bill. The amnesty for illegal aliens comes before any enforcement occurs and there are no hard triggers requiring enforcement. Americans want enforcement first. Please oppose this legislation.

This legislation can be called, without a doubt or without fear of misleading anyone, an “amnesty-first, border security and enforcement-probably never” immigration bill. There are no hard triggers, simply promises and the supposed good intentions of the Gang of Eight drafters.

When ICE officer and President of the National ICE Council Chris Crane testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the bill had no hard enforcement triggers for the initial amnesty (legalization and work permits), no one on the committee disagreed with or raised a single objection to his assertion. If we learned anything form 1986, it’s that enforcement promises in an immigration bill count for little.

The bill also fails to address the single issue that is bedeviling those who are trying to trying to address America’s immigration problem: what to do with illegal aliens who do not qualify for an amnesty. The bill does not require the federal government to locate and deport them. The status quo would likely remain and illegal aliens will continue to be allowed to live and work in our country.

Gallingly, the bill also assumes that the U.S. has a severe labor shortage, despite 20 million Americans be unable to find a full-time job and 30 million more not even in the workforce. By supporting this legislation, large swathes of American industry are saying that unemployed Americans, from those with only a high school diploma (or less) to the laid-off engineer or computer programer. Are not good enough to work in America and that foreign help is needed. Have you ever heard anything so callous and derogatory said about American workers?

I urge you to oppose this amnesty legislation. It doesn’t secure the border, but does guarantee an amnesty for 11-18 million illegal aliens and guarantees American businesses a steady supply of unneeded foreign labor.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. No amnesty. Not now, not ever! Secure our borders, and evict the illegals.