I wanted to tell you about the March jobs reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 663,000 Americans gave up their job search in March and there are now more than 55 million working-age Americans no longer working. Why would Congress seek to increase the number of green cards the federal government issues? I urge you to oppose legislation that would bring in more foreign workers.

According to reports, the labor unions and business groups have agreed that 200,000 new temporary guest worker visas should be issued each year as part of any comprehensive immigration reform bill. This is in addition to a yet unspecified number of additional permanent green cards that would be issued as well. These people clearly have no compassion for the 663,000 Americans who gave up looking for a job in March.

I know that you and most of your colleagues in Congress have far more compassion for jobless Americans than these business and labor leaders do. Iā€™m calling on you to make sure no legislation ā€” standalone or part of a comprehensive immigration reform bill ā€” increases temporary or permanent foreign worker numbers.

Far too many Americans are out of work and more and more are leaving the workforce each day. Please stand up for these Americans.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Evict the illegal invaders and secure our borders!