I find it disturbing that according to Rasmussen, only 9% of Americans believe it is “very likely” that the government “would actually secure the border and prevent illegal immigration” if Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform legislation. It is equally disturbing that Chris Crane, the head of ICE’s union, said that the border could never be secured if Congress passes immigration reform before ensuring that the border is secured. We urge you to postpone passage of an amnesty for illegal aliens so that the border can be secured once and for all.

Rasmussen asked the following question:

“If a law was passed to secure the border, prevent future illegal immigration, and allow those who entered the country illegally to stay, how likely is it that the federal government would actually secure the border and prevent illegal immigration?”

Only 9% of respondents replied “very likely.” Clearly, after the shambles of the 1986 amnesty, the American people don’t have faith in Congress to both secure the border and legalize illegal aliens.

Chris Crane, head of the ICE Agent’s union, put it succinctly:

“Here’s my promise for America, if we don’t take care of the enforcement side of this first, it will never happen. The only thing that will happen will be that 11 million illegal aliens will be legalized and 10-20 years from now the nation will again be facing the influx of 10-20 million illegal aliens and all the problems and expenses that come with that.”

I hope you will take both pieces of information to heart. It’s clear that enforcement must come first or another amnesty will be necessary in a decade or two. I urge you to postpone the current comprehensive immigration reform process so that the border can be secured.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. How about this: Secure the border immediately, evict the illegals already in the country, and then NO AMNESTY!