It is disappointing that so many of your Democratic colleagues are rushing to give an amnesty to illegal aliens. I am counting on you to oppose these efforts and help preserve jobs for unemployed American workers.

The late, great Democrat Barbara Jordan asked “How do we ensure that immigration is based on and supports broad U.S. economic, social, and humanitarian interests rather than the interests of those who would abuse our immigration laws?” You hear from lobbyists who benefit from illegal immigration every day, but don’t forget those who are harmed by “those who abuse our immigration laws”:

The “Lost Generation” of under-30s; working-class Blacks and Hispanics, those without high school degrees, veterans, the disabled, ex-convicts trying to restart their lives, and older Americans who can’t afford to retire.

You have a poor record of defending these victims of illegal immigration but at the start of a new Congress, you have the opportunity to remember them — and Barbara Jordan — when you take a fresh look at immigration reform.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA