Senator Richard Durbin:

You and your fellow Members in Congress in the upper echelons of leadership have a duty to protect the American people. Why, then, have you refused to counter President Obama’s efforts to institute a “catch and release” program for “innocent” or “non-violent” illegal aliens, especially when a shockingly-high percentage of these amenable illegal aliens commit crimes such as murder, rape, child abuse, gun running, and drug trafficking? What good is a Congress when it will kowtow to a president’s every caprice?

The new report from the independent Congressional Research Service shows that criminal illegal aliens released by the Obama administration’s lax enforcement of immigration laws committed more crimes after their release, including murder, rape, kidnapping and child molestation.

The CRS completed the report using data obtained by the House Judiciary Committee last fall after the Committee learned that the administration would release certain illegal aliens detected through the Secure Communities program. What good is a program such as Secure Communities — which DHS trumpets — if the Obama administration is going to release criminal illegal aliens?

It is totally ridiculous for laws to be passed by Congress for the good of the American people, then for President Obama to turn a blind eye on these laws. Congress has had years to do something about this, but has done something. This report does beg the question: what has Congress been doing and what is Congress good for?

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Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Don’t let the illegal alien in the White House run our immigration policies!