Secretary Napolitano:

Your Thursday testimony before the House Judiciary Committee concerned me deeply. You made it clear that DHS was ill-prepared to handle the president’s politically-motivated amnesty. Please do your best to keep our country safe by halting the amnesty until DHS can ensure everyone’s safety.

Your performance before the House Judiciary Committee makes it clear that President Obama’s amnesty is nothing more than a political farce, designed to get him votes and a bump in the polls. Your agency was clearly ill-prepared for such an action, which has left our nation susceptible to the violence of terrorists and drug gangs.

You (eventually) admitted that you have no idea how many illegal aliens will receive work authorizations. You admitted that you (still) have no idea what documents will be acceptable. You admitted that Advanced Parole could be granted.

President Obama has left your agency in an untenable position. The president clearly expects you to continue to amnesty illegal aliens, even though you don’t really know who these people are and what they may have done. I suggest that you halt this amnesty until you can be sure that no one who could cause harm to the United States or its citizens is given amnesty.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. I wish you actually cared about this country and its security. That’s clearly too much to hope for given the current administration.