I just learned that 88% of American voters who consider themselves to be moderates support requiring employers to verify the immigration status of their employees. If self-proclaimed moderates (the very swing-voters that Democrats need to win back the House) support programs such as E-Verify, the Democratic Party needs to support legislation that would require its use!

According to Pulse Research, 8-out-of-10 Democrats and Independents would like every employer in the U.S. to use E-Verify, which would open up jobs for unemployed citizens and legal immigrant workers without costly raids, arrests, or detentions. E-Verify is a jobs tool, if only employers would use it.

Your GOP colleagues in the House say they are concerned about joblessness, but they are protecting employers who don’t want to use E-Verify. House Speaker Boehner’s refusal to bring a mandatory E-Verify bill to the floor means that employers who profit from illegal and exploitable labor will continue to do so, while law-abiding employers are punished for putting Americans back to work.

You and your fellow Senate Democrats can take advantage of this refusal to help American workers. You can introduce legislation to mandate use of E-Verify and the Senate Democrats can pass the legislation. The onus would then be House Republicans: they could either take up and pass the legislation (and alienate their unscrupulous business friends) or they could ignore or vote down the bill. Either way, the Democratic Party couldn’t lose.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA