For the sake of every child who has had her identity stolen by an illegal worker, and every parent who has had to compete with illegal workers, please ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to keep the DREAM Act amnesty out of the Defense Authorization bill.

The DREAM Act does not require illegal aliens to attend high school, go to college, or enter the U.S. military to qualify for the amnesty: they need only take an ability-to-benefit test and complete a one-year vocational program to get on the path to citizenship (and there was no requirement that they actually complete their college education or military service).

There are 22 million Americans who cannot find a job, and large numbers of legal immigrants are in the same situation. Supporting the DREAM Act amnesty would be an affront to these American men and women, legal immigrants, and all their families. How does a mass amnesty help the tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans and legal immigrants who are struggling to keep their homes and meet their families’ essential needs?

Please do not even consider supporting the DREAM Act amnesty. The Congress should not consider passing any amnesty when so many Americans and legal immigrants are out of work (and so many illegal aliens have jobs). If your Congressional colleagues are so determined to support such an anti-American bill, they should at least make sure that it mandates the use of E-Verify (to take away an incentive for another mass influx of illegal aliens) and eliminates the chain migration category for parents and adult siblings (to prevent this amnesty from ballooning into a mass influx of legal immigrants who will compete with unemployed Americans and immigrants already legally here).

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. We need to secure our border, evict the illegals and “anchor babies” who are already here, and then return to our pre-1965 immigration policies.