RE: No to government health care meddling

I am in total disagreement with the so-called “Healthcare Reform Bill” before you, which is actually a naked power grab by the federal government that will destroy what is left of our health care system.

I am against any form of socialization in the United States of America, including socialized medicine. It worries me that the bill says it will cost $1.055 trillion. Yet, we are told by the Congressional Budget Office that the total spending for ten years with all the ramifications of this bill will be over THREE TRILLION DOLLARS! The estimate, of course, ignores the tremendous costs in lives, suffering, and freedom if this phony “reform” is approved.

Don’t get me wrong — I do want reform: I want the government to get completely out of health care … period!

I believe that you, as a United States Senator, must follow the wishes of the majority of your constituency and vote NO on this bill. Please don’t sell out your constituents who genuinely care about health care.

Vote NO!

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA