It is deeply concerning that the Department of Homeland Security is considering reducing the number of Border Patrol agents on the U.S. — Mexico border. We are sure this cannot be true as nobody could be this foolish, but please check with DHS to ensure that this is not occurring.

News outlets are reporting that DHS will relocate 384 Border Patrol agents from the U.S. — Mexico border to the U.S. — Canada border. I hope these reports are untrue as our southern border is far from secure.

While I believe our northern border should be secured, it should not be done at the expense of our southern border. Every year, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are apprehended trying to illegally enter our country from Mexico, but even more are able to slip through.

According to DHS, the Border Patrol only has “effective control” of 697 miles of our southern border. I’m sure I do not need to remind you that the U.S. — Mexico border is 1,969 miles long, meaning that the Border Patrol only have “effective control” of 35% of this border. How can DHS justify removing agents from our southern border when it is far from secure?

Please speak with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and ensure that she is not planning on removing any Border Patrol agents from our southern border. The American people depend on these brave men and women to keep our nation safe and it would be disastrous if they were no longer allowed to do their job.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Mr. <p> Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA </p>