I urge you to oppose health care reconciliation.

I’m outraged that Congress would be so arrogant as to even consider putting fast-track language back in Obama’s revised budget. Such a move would stifle public scrutiny and debate and allow Congress to pass Obama’s massive socialized healthcare plan and his oppressive global warming Carbon Tax!

Moving health care nationalization through reconciliation will silence moderate Democrats and Republicans and produce the most aggressive, big-government health care plan possible. Health care reform is far too important an issue to be advanced with limited time and without full and proper debate. Any government plan to restructure one sixth of our economy should be debated fully under the regular rules of the Senate. If the budget resolution does include reconciliation, I will hold the conferees responsible and consider any vote in favor of the budget resolution to be a vote to subvert the legitimate legislative process.

Such monumental changes to our nation’s landscape should not and cannot be hidden from public view, and I’m urging you to take a strong stand for the citizens of our nation by refusing to support any such move.

Our nation’s use of procedural trickery to put socialized healthcare on the fast-track in the Obama revised budget is underhanded and dishonest!

Again, I urge you to take a strong stand against the so-called fast-track measures being employed to keep the public in the dark against these vital issues!

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA