I find it odd that Sen. Charles Schumer’s Immigration Subcommittee is debating granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens when so many Americans are out of work. I believe the subcommittee should be debating how mass, unfettered illegal immigration harms Americans instead of debating the best way to reward illegal aliens.

It truly is outrageous that some special interest groups (and a even a few Congressmen) are more concerned with amnestying illegal aliens (those who have knowingly broken America’s laws) than with helping unemployed Americans (more than 7 million of whom are kept from finding a job because of the ability of businesses to easily hire illegal labor). I fail to understand why some Members of Congress believe that it is so vital to give lawbreakers a free pass at the expense of millions of down-and-out Americans? I urge you and your fellow Members of Congress to fight any attempt to justify a mass amnesty. You have a duty to protect the interests of the American people, not foreign lawbreakers.

During this May Day-week, you might be hearing from a variety of groups who are calling for a mass amnesty. I urge you to oppose their calls for amnesty. Any amnesty, no matter how small, would devastate millions of American workers. How can you or any Congressman support an amnesty when 13 million Americans are unemployed and more than 7 million illegal aliens have non-agricultural jobs?

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA