It did not take long for Resident Obama to shift his priorities from putting Americans back to work to keeping illegal workers in U.S. jobs. The unnamed Democratic operatives mentioned in the recent New York Times article are right to be concerned.

The bottom line of the president’s immigration plan, as outlined in the New York Times by Cecilia Munoz is that for every illegal worker that gets amnesty, there is a citizen or legal immigrant who loses their chance to take that job. Amnesty might make one’s illegal status disappear, but it does not make the 13 million unemployed Americans disappear. With all of the problems facing us, does the Democratic Party really want to spend its political capitol to help illegal workers keep their jobs?

I was disappointed that not one single Democratic Member of Congress had the courage or integrity to tell The New York Times that the White House plan was ill-timed and ill-conceived. Happily, the Times did note that a few unnamed Democratic operatives inside the beltway are aware that a debate over amnesty during a recession is bound to arouse outrage among constituents. Please work with Party leaders to come up with a better plan to deal with immigration.

For starters, Congress could finally fulfill the late Rep. Barbara Jordan’s recommendation that the jobs magnet be removed. That would require the mandatory expansion of E-Verify, which would free up jobs for unemployed legal workers. Congress might also consider reducing chain migration so that 138,000 workers from overseas are not added into the labor force every month, even as hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs. Putting American workers first sounds like an immigration plan that voters would reward.

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Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Never forgive, never forget: No amnesty!