Resident Obama’s amnesty, as outlined in The New York Times, will create a firestorm of opposition from the millions of disenfranchised workers across the country. I hope Republicans in Congress can be counted on to stand up with American voters and oppose any form of amnesty.

Americans are experiencing record unemployment. Everyone is suffering, but none more than Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, teenagers, ex-convicts, and disabled Americans. Many people in these groups are competing directly with the illegal workers who would get amnesty under the immigration plan the White House described to The New York Times. It seems terribly unfair and wrong-headed to put illegal workers ahead of these other groups.

I am somewhat reassured by The New York Times report that Republicans will probably band together to oppose this ill-timed and ill-conceived amnesty. There are more than 13 million Americans without a job who would like to be working, while approximately 6 million non-farm jobs are currently held by illegal workers. Approximately 300,000 stimulus jobs will go to illegal workers because Democratic leadership didn’t want to expand E-Verify. American workers need some champions in Washington and I hope Republicans are prepared to step up to the plate.

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Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Never forgive, never forget: No amnesty!