I just received this year’s vehicle registration renewal, and I wanted to tell you how disgusted I am with you, your policies, and your trail of broken promises. Instead of going down this year, as it normally does, my registration fee skyrocketed from $244 to $413.

During your campaign for governor, you promised among other things to repeal the auto registration hike signed into law by Gray Davis. You also promised never to raise taxes, and to make California “business-friendly” again. Now that you’ve turned your back on each of these promises and become Gray Davis Jr., are you going to resign in shame and humiliation? We can only hope.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. I particularly despise your idiotic utterances on the subject on the strain on the budget due to illegal immigrants. First, the drain on our economy due to these unsentenced felons is greater than $6 billion a year. Second, after a couple of years, these billions add up. Third, by taking this indefensible position, you yourself have become a huge part of the broken system in Sacramento, which you claim to be the real problem in California. You make me sick.