It is absolutely imperative that E-Verify is reauthorized for at least ten years. You can ensure this occurs by supporting the addition of the reauthorization of the E-Verify program to the Omnibus Appropriations Bill.

I constantly hear Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid extolling the virtues of “comprehensive immigration reform.” It goes without saying that I am vehemently opposed to his efforts to amnesty the millions of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. However, I was pleasantly surprised with some of his recent comments about E-Verify.

In a letter to one of his constituents he wrote, “I strongly believe that every job in our country should go only to those authorized to work in the United States. This is why I strongly support programs like E-Verify that are designed to ensure that employers only hire those who are legally authorized to work in the United States….”

I hope that what Sen. Reid wrote represents his true feelings and that he has decided to support unemployed and underemployed Americans (although I fear that the Majority Leader is being less than honest with his constituents). Please do all you can to support any efforts to reauthorize the E-Verify employment verification system for a period of no less than ten years. The Majority Leader has the opportunity to prove that he is a man of his word and I urge you to ensure that he keeps it.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA