I find your kowtowing to the Chamber of Commerce to be distressing. You have a duty to serve the American people, not lowlife businessmen who would rather hire illegal alien workers instead of unemployed Americans. Your actions to assist the Democrats on the Conference Committee to strip the American-worker protections from the Senate and House economic stimulus bills are absolutely revolting.

How can you and your Democratic colleagues on the Stimulus Package Conference Committee oppose two House amendments that would protect American and legal immigrant workers and a Senate amendment that would prevent banks which have received stimulus funds from importing unnecessary H-1B foreign workers? Don’t you want to help America’s struggling, less fortunate, and downtrodden?

The House amendments would have reauthorized the E-Verify system for a period of five years and mandated its use by any business or locality that receives stimulus funds. How can you find these amendments so objectionable? Don’t you wish to help unemployed Americans? The E-Verify system is tried and tested and has a 99.5% success rate; it is the best tool American workers have in ensuring they receive a fair chance at acquiring a job. Or would you rather ensure that illegal alien workers have a fair chance of receiving tax-payer funded stimulus jobs?

The Senate amendment, cosponsored by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Charles Grassley, would have prevented banks that receive stimulus funds from hiring H-1B workers for a period of one year. This would ensure that American workers are the first to receive stimulus-funded jobs in financial institutions. What part of this amendment did you find so objectionable?

One of your major campaign promises was to run the White House in an open and honest fashion. I do not believe that holding meetings behind closed doors with the intent of harming American workers is the best way for you to live up to these promises.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. We need to practice autarky if we are to survive the economic disaster you’ve brought upon us.