I can’t believe that you, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, yesterday voted to give what can only be called blanket amnesty to illegal aliens. You had the choice of tossing out the law-breakers or tossing out our laws. You sided with the law-breakers. You sided with people who don’t vote, who don’t pay taxes, who are parasites on our infrastructure, and who couldn’t care less about us as a country.

You voted for a blanket amnesty for nearly all of the 12-20 million illegal aliens in this country. I realize you don’t call it “blanket” amnesty, but in fact, you seem to be in favor of every other kind of amnesty, just so long as it isn’t called “blanket.”

The bill you supported offers several different kinds of amnesties. As a result, virtually none of the 12-20 million illegal aliens currently in our communities will ever have to go home, with the rest having the opportunity for U.S. citizenship.

If that isn’t a de facto blanket amnesty, I don’t know what is.

You voted nearly to double the number of green cards for permanent foreign workers and dependents every year, in addition to large-scale increases in H-1B visas for foreign tech workers, who will be taking jobs from already-beleaguered American tech workers.

You voted for there to be 25-30 million permanent foreign workers and dependents allowed in over the next ten years alone.

According to a new demographic study by State Department veteran Jack Martin of FAIR, the bill you just supported will catapult our current U.S. population of 300 million to more than 500 million (a half-BILLION) by mid-century!

I have contacted your office repeatedly, warning you against the dire consequences of the existing illegal population in the United States. I have contacted your office repeatedly asking you to protect our borders against further invasion, and to evict the illegal aliens already in this country. I have contacted your office repeatedly about the degradation of our infrastructure, our society, our culture, and our way of life, which results from having these illegal aliens in our midst. You must know that I am a citizen and that I vote, yet rather than represent me, my interests, the interests of the vast majority of our legal citizens, and the interests of our country as a whole, you chose to represent a group of foreign criminals whose goals are inimical to our society, if not to our very existence.

Did you not watch the TV coverage of the protests in Los Angeles yesterday? First, the protesters were against it being a crime to commit an illegal act. Second, of the protesters they interviewed, many claimed that it was not fair to punish people who had been breaking the law for such a long time. Third, many of the protesters were chanting “Mexico,” waving the Mexican flag, carrying signs in Spanish, and promoting the racial take-over of the United States by Mexicans and other non-whites. These, Senator Feinstein, are the people on whose behalf you voted yesterday.

You took an oath of office on becoming a senator, and part of that oath of office was to protect the United States from its enemies, both foreign and domestic. Yesterday, you utterly violated your oath.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA