I am writing today to tell you of my utter opposition to the Staggers bill (H.R. 1412) and the Feighan/Brady bill (H.R. 7). As a student of history, it seems that these bills are trying to complete the job the British started back in 1775 when they marched on Concord to confiscate the weapons and ammunition the Colonials had gathered.

The Founding Fathers underlined the importance of an armed citizenry in Article II of the Amendments to the Constitution, where they state,

the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

This says nothing about guns for hunters only. It says nothing about waiting periods. It says nothing about the country of origin of those arms. It says

shall not be infringed.

I ask you in the strongest possible terms to stand against these (and other similar) bills. Moreover, I request that you begin, starting today, to expend every effort to ensure that we as American citizens retain our few remaining 2nd Amendment rights, and to campaign actively to restore those 2nd Amendment rights already lost.

Greg Raven, Los Angeles, CA