High immigration caused middle class wages to drop

The Congressional Research Service has tied falling middle class wages to increased immigration numbers and Congress has done nothing to address this very serious problem. Reducing immigration numbers to sensible levels would increase middle class wages and I urge you to push for legislation that would make this happen. Continue reading High immigration caused middle class wages to drop

Mulvaney resolution opposes Obama’s amnesties

I am glad that you voted against the revised DHS funding bill that stripped amnesty defunding language from the legislation. Please continue to stick up for jobless Americans, the rule of law, and our nation’s security by cosponsoring H. Con. Res. 28, introduced by Rep. Mick Mulvaney, which expresses the sense of Congress that President Obama’s amnesties are illegal and were not approved by Congress through passage of H.R. 240.

Continue reading Mulvaney resolution opposes Obama’s amnesties

Please cosponsor HR 140

An op-ed in a recent edition of USA Today explains how birthright citizenship loopholes are exploited by illegal workers and tourists, and lead to more unemployed citizens and legal immigrant workers. I hope you will read this editorial and act to change the current unacceptable situation by cosponsoring Rep. Steve King’s H.R. 140. Continue reading Please cosponsor HR 140