Stop filling our jobs with foreign workers

We are glad Resident Obama pointed out that America needs to create 150,000 new jobs each month simply to employ those Americans entering the workforce. With this in mind, why is the Congress allowing businesses to import 125,000 new foreign workers each month?

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Stop Obama amnesty

We find it sickening that the Obama Administration is preventing ICE from doing its job. We fear the Administration is simply trying to find ways of issuing de facto amnesties for illegal aliens. We hope you will use your place in the ruling Democratic Party to put a stop to ICE’s emasculation so they are allowed to arrest and deport illegal aliens.
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Veto anti-employment verification legislation

I am very concerned about AB 1288, a bill that would prohibit E-Verify mandates on government contractors and preempt the ability of local governments to mandate E-Verify for other businesses. We should encourage businesses to use E-Verify, not prohibit them from doing so. Please veto AB 1288.
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