Racial disparities in bankruptcy filings

Re: The Stark Facts of Race and Bankruptcy

Am I missing something, or is this so-called examination of racial disparities in bankruptcy filings nothing more than typical socialist hand-wringing?

The whole reason we have this problem is that years ago some moron convinced a bunch of other morons that people who didn’t deserve credit should be given credit. One fig leaf for this ridiculous position was the racial make-up of those unworthy of credit. Now that these unworthy have demonstrated once again why they are unworthy of credit, the morons have convinced themselves that there is some racial aspect to the defaults!

Thus, the moron position is that while whites at first withheld credit from non-whites due to racism (that is, not wanting them to get ahead), NOW the same whites who made available the credit demanded by the morons (and much of the goods and services purchased with that credit) are acting out of racism to ensure that non-whites are relieved of their financial responsibilities to white institutions, so that whites can once again subsidize non-whites (that is, not wanting them to get behind). Brilliant! The best part of the whole thought process is that continued subsidies and access to undeserved credit further infantilizes non-whites, making them ever-more dependent on morons for future help in overcoming racism.

In other words, the racial component of this problem is entirely due to the initial, race-based actions of the morons in charge of this insane behavior. These race-based actions arise from racism on the part of the morons, who believe that the white man’s burden is to support the non-white, no matter the cost financially, socially, or morally.

In a free society, you have equality of opportunity. In a communist society, you have equality of outcomes (except in the cases of those who are more equal than the rest of us). If you want equality of outcomes, please feel free to move to a more socialist country: Leave your hands off what’s left of my freedom, please.

NO to DREAM Act amnesty

I understand that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to force the DREAM Act amnesty through the Senate during the lame duck session. I also understand that you are planning on supporting this anti-American worker amnesty. If you plan on winning reelection in 2012, I strongly urge you to reconsider your pro-amnesty position.
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NO to DREAM Act amnesty

According to every single news outlet, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to try one more time to force the DREAM Act amnesty on the American people, even though the vast majority of Americans oppose giving any amnesty to illegal aliens. Please prove you care about the 22 million Americans who cannot find a job by opposing the DREAM Act amnesty.
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No DREAM Act amnesty

It is reprehensible that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to force the DREAM Act amnesty on the American people during the lame duck session of Congress. You need to do the right thing and stand up to Sen. Reid and just say No to amnesty! Otherwise, your chances of winning reelection in 2012 will look dim.
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