The Schumer-Rubio amnesty is horrible

The Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill is an amnesty first, enforcement promises bill. The amnesty for illegal aliens comes before any enforcement occurs and there are no hard triggers requiring enforcement. Americans want enforcement first. Please oppose this legislation.
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33 million immigrants!

I was outraged to learn that the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill will add 33 million people to the United States’ population in the next ten years, and 20 million people every decade after that! How is this just to the 22 million Americans unable to find a full-time job? I urge you to oppose this horrible bill.
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March jobs report

I wanted to tell you about the March jobs reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 663,000 Americans gave up their job search in March and there are now more than 55 million working-age Americans no longer working. Why would Congress seek to increase the number of green cards the federal government issues? I urge you to oppose legislation that would bring in more foreign workers.
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