Hypocrisy in hiring

I was sickened to learn that companies that have laid off thousands of American workers are now asking Congress to increase the number of foreign workers they are able to hire. I hope you will not accede to their demands and will work to protect American workers. Please read the attached article about their efforts.

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No STEM crisis

I work in the technology industry and I can safely say that there is no shortage of workers in my field. This myth is propagated by those who want to have a steady supply of expendable labor they can hire at lower wages. Please act to reduce this surplus of labor so that all American STEM workers can find well-paying jobs.
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Vote ‘no’ on this latest amnesty

I urge you to vote NO on the motion to bring to proceed with S.744, the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill. This legislation is so bad and so unfair to the American people that it simply does not deserve debate; it deserves to be put down. The Senate needs to go back to the drawing board and create legislation that serves the interests of the American people.
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Stop S. 744

The U.S. Senate will hold a motion to proceed with S. 744, the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill — I urge you to strongly oppose it. The legislation does not secure our nation’s borders and gives protected status and work permits to millions of illegal aliens; this bill is a repeat of 1986. Immigration reform is necessary and must occur, but this bill is not the answer. Please oppose this bill on Tuesday and start with again with an open process.
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Appalled by the amnesty bill

I was appalled that the Senate Judiciary Committee just approved the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive amnesty bill. This legislation would repeat the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty bill by promising enforcement while ensuring amnesty. 33 million new work permits will be issued in the first ten years after the bill’s passage and you need to oppose this legislation.
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