Put American workers first by reducing immigration

As you know, our nation is still recovering from one of its most trying economic times since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans are struggling to find jobs, and the workforce participation rate is at its lowest in decades. But not a day goes by that business groups and labor unions aren’t pushing for more legal immigration.
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DHS: Refugee influx could bring terrorists

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson recently told a House panel that the influx of refugees from the Middle East creates a perfect opportunity for terrorists to enter the United States. Please pass H.R. 4731, the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act, which would reform the refugee program and increase its security.

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Reject taxpayer-funded lawyers for illegal aliens

It is ridiculous that Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Zoe Lofgren have introduced legislation that would require the government to use tax dollars to provide UACs with lawyers. Individuals who came to this country illegally should not receive any more handouts and you should not support this legislation. Continue reading Reject taxpayer-funded lawyers for illegal aliens

We need E-Verify

Perhaps the biggest magnet for illegal immigration to the United States is jobs. Most illegal aliens come to our country in seek of work, and considering that 40% of the illegal-alien population came here legally and simply overstayed their visa, border security is not enough to stop illegal immigration. That’s why I urge you to support legislation that would require all employers to use the E-Verify employment verification system and ensure that they’re only hiring authorized workers. Continue reading We need E-Verify

Congress increases H-2B visas in 2016

I was disappointed to see Congress expand the H-2B program for 2016 in the recent spending bill. This program is rife with fraud and abuse and allows low-skilled foreign workers to take jobs that could be taken by America’s most vulnerable workers. I urge you not to increase the number of H-2B visas in future years. Congress’ expansion of the H-2B program in the recent spending bill will allow any foreign workers who have held an H-2B visa over the last three years to be exempt from the 2016 caps. This is a gift to the business community who would rather hire cheap, foreign labor than hire unemployed Americans. The latest jobs report revealed that nearly 3 million Americans with a high school degree or less are looking for work. These vulnerable workers need jobs — jobs that companies would rather give to foreign workers through use of the H-2B visa. Furthermore, the unemployment rate for teens sits at 16.1% — more than three times the national average. Traditionally, jobs that are now being given to H-2B visa holders have gone to teens, so their high unemployment rate comes as no surprise. You were elected to help American workers get back to work not help foreign workers find jobs in the U.S. and big business drive down wages by hiring cheaper, foreign workers. I urge you to oppose any future increases in the H-2B guest worker program.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA