Keep up the good work

We are glad you have worked to protect at-risk American workers from increased foreign worker imports! 22 million Americans cannot find a job and we are glad you are looking out for them. We hope you will do even more to help out these Americans.

There is nothing progressive or just about running immigration policy as a cheap labor scheme — especially given the extremely high U-6 unemployment rates for Americans with no more than a high school degree and the millions of jobs lost during the recession. The Democratic Party leadership is in denial about the damage this is doing to the most disadvantaged Americans.

Thank you for recognizing that this situation is unjust and that the Democratic Party should not be in cahoots with the special interests that profit from importing more and more foreign workers. Please remember that the vast majority of Democrats, and the majority of Americans of all ethnicities, support moderating immigration numbers, and please do all you can to help bring that about.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this,

Greg Raven

P.S. You are definitely in the minority. Good work! No amnesty! No special favors for illegal aliens! Secure our borders and evict the illegals who are already in the country! Then we can return to pre-1965 immigration policies.

Your immigration grade

Your immigration voting record and that of most of your Democratic colleagues is absolutely dismaying. How can you and your colleagues support foreign worker increases when so many Americans cannot find a job?
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