Stop the Democrats’ heinous amnesty bill

Why are Democrats trying to force a massive amnesty on the American people when there is a crisis at the border and Americans are still out of work and suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic? The Democrats’ plans include: the DACA and DREAM amnesties, the “essential worker amnesty,” the TPS amnesty, and the DED amnesty. Millions of Americans are out of work and amnestying more than 8 million illegal aliens will only make it more difficult for them to find work.

Moreover, the crisis at the U.S. / Mexico border will only be exacerbated by a mass amnesty as it will encourage more people to illegally cross the border. The Democrats’ amnesty bill will also endanger our nation by including numerous automatic waivers, including:

  • aliens with communicable diseases, the unvaccinated, with physical/mental disorders, and drug abusers;
  • public charges;
  • aliens coming to work in the US when there are willing, qualified, and available US workers, or when their employment may adversely affect wages and working conditions of US workers;
  • aliens present without admission or parole, who failed to attend removal proceedings, immigration fraudsters, stowaways, and those subject to a final order of removal;
  • aliens without proper documentation;
  • aliens previously removed (within the statutory period barring reentry), aliens unlawfully present, and aliens present after previous immigration violations;
  • guardians accompanying helpless inadmissible aliens; and
  • former citizens who renounced citizenship to avoid taxation.

In addition, DHS will also be able to issue waivers for the following:

  • All criminal grounds, including crimes of moral turpitude, controlled substance crimes, multiple criminal convictions, drug trafficking, prostitution and commercialized vice, serious criminal activity to which the alien asserted immunity from prosecution, human trafficking, and money laundering;
  • human smugglers;
  • student visa abusers; and
  • unlawful voters.

To complete the legislation, immigration enforcement would be frozen to ensure illegal aliens aren’t apprehended and deported, so-called “unused” visas are recaptured (more than 600,000), and other visa categories are increased and waivers granted if the visa cap is reached.

The Democrats’ amnesty plan would make our country less secure and harm the livelihoods of millions of Americans; please oppose the budget reconciliation bill if it includes this mass amnesty.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Secure our borders now, evict from the country anyone who does not belong here, and institute a 20-year moratorium on all new immigration including refugees.

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.