H.R. 3401 fails to address causes of the crisis and lacks enforcement funding — Vote NO

The House of Representatives will vote TODAY on H.R. 3401, the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border Act.

While this legislation is supposed to address the border crisis, it would actually make the ongoing crisis worse. H.R. 3401:

  • Fails to address the causes of the current crisis and would encourage the continued trafficking of children;
  • Fails to provide Immigration and Customs Enforcement the payroll shortfall that’s expected during this fiscal year that is a direct result of the crisis; and
  • Lacks meaningful enforcement funding, including additional funding for detention beds, guaranteeing that most illegal border crossers will continue to be released into the United States.

This legislation would simply throw money at the ongoing crisis, requiring Congress to spend more taxpayer dollars on the crisis in the future.

Vote NO on H.R. 3401. Instead, demand a vote on H.R. 3056!

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.