Please do not cosponsor S. 7

I encourage you to REFUSE to cosponsor S. 7, the “red flag” gun grab bill.

The bill encourages ex parte Gun Confiscation Orders. But in real terms, this means that a “secret court” will be able to issue orders to grab a person’s guns, even though the person was not allowed to appear.

According to the language in S. 7, a secret court “hearing” can be so perfunctory it can be conducted by telephone. And, although the bill contradicts itself, it’s far from clear that written testimony must be under oath.

Predictably, virtually every Gun Confiscation Bill across the country implies that the police can ransack a person’s house when they arrive to serve the order in the middle of the night, and if they resist, to arrest or shoot them.

This is exactly what happened in Ferndale, Maryland, where 60-year-old Gary Willis was summarily executed by police with a Gun Confiscation Order, when he came to the door at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand. It now turns out that the Gun Confiscation Order was obtained by a vengeful relative who wanted to punish Willis for his political views.

Finally, the “due process” that supposedly exists in S. 7 consists of my “right” to spend $10-20,000 to hire a lawyer and expert witnesses and convince a judge he made a mistake. THAT IS NEVER SUCCESSFUL.

And, oh yes, if it were successful, my name would have already been sent to NICS. And as you know, there is already a massive backlog in getting the FBI to clear up mistakes in the NICS system.

So again, please OPPOSE S. 7 and do NOT cosponsor this bill.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.