Urge Congress to defund sanctuary cities

It is appalling that after the deaths of Kate Steinle and numerous other innocent Americans, Congress has still not acted to reign in sanctuary cities. I urge you to stand up for the rule of law and American lives by doing all you can to make sure sanctuary cities are defunded as part of the FY2017 appropriations process.

During a Senate hearing into sanctuary jurisdictions hosted Laura Wilkerson, whose son Josh was beaten, tortured, and burned to death by an illegal alien, Wilkerson said:

This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader, whether you want to recognize it or whether you do not. This government continues to fail or even recognize that we have an issue. Americans are dying daily at the hands of criminals that we don’t even know are here.

You’re officially notified today there’s a problem when this happens. You can’t deny it any longer. You cannot stand by and ignore our families — our American families. You’re elected by Americans, not any other country. You should be for Americans. If you want to sit quietly on the sidelines, you’ve thrown your hat into the ring already. Your silence speaks volumes. You’re either for Americans, or you’re not.

Sanctuary cities break the law and put American lives at risk. There are no grey areas in this debate: these localities break the law and need to be stopped. Please use the FY2017 appropriations process to defund the localities and force them to abide by the rule of law. Failing to do so will result in the deaths of more innocent Americans.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.