Republicans MUST put American workers before illegal aliens

During an interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, MSNBC host Chris Matthews accused Republican Congressional leaders of refusing to bring up mandatory E-Verify legislation because it would rob businesses of cheap labor. I hope you and other pro-American worker Republicans will urge Speaker Ryan and other Republican leaders to bring a clean mandatory E-Verify bill to the floor so that Republicans can prove they care more about American workers than they do about businesses being able to hire cheap illegal labor.

Republican Congressional leaders were rightly accused of putting the interests of big businesses over the interests of American workers. Unfortunately, for some Republicans, it’s more important for businesses to have access to cheap labor than it is for Americans to have jobs. This situation is disappointing to say the least.

More than 7 million illegal aliens have jobs in the service, construction, and manufacturing industries. These are jobs Americans will work for a fair wage. The flow of illegal workers into this country will not be stopped until employers are prevented from hiring illegal workers and face serious penalties for doing so.

Please press the Republican leadership, especially House Speaker Paul Ryan, to bring mandatory E-Verify legislation to the floor so that Republicans can finally show they care about jobless Americans.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.