End sanctuary cities

We cannot understand why Congress and the Obama administration are not requiring federal agencies to enforce immigration laws and not requiring states and localities to assist in enforcing the law. The tragic shooting death of an innocent San Francisco woman by a five-times deported illegal alien could have been prevented if the laws currently on the books were enforced. Please support and help to pass S. 1640, the Davis-Oliver Act. This bill would outlaw sanctuary cities and require all immigration laws to be enforced.

Sanctuary cities make our entire country less safe by refusing to hand over illegal aliens to ICE for removal proceedings, even if the illegal aliens have a criminal record. The arrogance of these localities is beyond belief and has resulted in the deaths of innocent Americans. By attempting to protect illegal aliens from deportation, they are knowingly and wantonly harboring dangerous illegal aliens. The ramifications of which were sadly played out in San Francisco when an innocent woman was shot by an illegal alien who had been deported five times. This death was preventable and it must serve as a lesson for our communities and our nation.

S. 1640, the Davis-Oliver Act, would prevent many future crimes committed by illegal aliens by requiring localities to abide by ICE immigration detainers. The legislation would also authorize state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws, require DHS to maintain an up-to-date database of all aliens subject to removal and ensure states have access to it, require DHS to build additional detention facilities and provide grants to state and local law enforcement for equipment and facilities, and require DHS to train state and local law enforcement agencies on immigration law and immigration enforcement.

All murders are tragic, but the recent shooting death in San Francisco is senseless because it could so easily have been prevented. Congress and the president must act to ensure all federal agencies and localities abide by federal immigration laws. Please support and help to pass S. 1640 to make sure this happens.

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Greg Raven

P.S. If the Feds can go after Arizona for trying to enforce immigration law, they should also go after sanctuary cities for breaking the law!

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.