Shame on you for funding Obama’s illegal executive amnesty

We cannot understand why you voted in favor of the Senate’s DHS funding bill that strips out the amnesty defunding language from the House’s version. Don’t you care that jobless Americans will have to compete against millions of amnestied illegal aliens for jobs?

Your vote to fund DHS in the current manner not only funds the president’s amnesties, it also harms national security. The union for USCIS employees put out the following statement:

“Our current immigration system leaves us vulnerable to terrorist threats and terrorism in general by providing entry avenues for people sworn to destroy America. This is accomplished by lessening the vetting of each and every alien who applies for permanent residency or citizenship in the U.S. By not scrutinizing each and every applicant to the fullest extent possible to ensure America’s security, we invite an even more catastrophic event then what occurred on 09/11/2001. It is more than likely that any attack from terrorists will come from within the borders of the U.S, and it is further likely that ISIS or Al Qaeda would try to launch these attacks by obtaining a visa or working with elements already here on visas. We must remain diligent and not continue lessening our guard against extremists who seek to destroy this nation. We must not govern based on politically correct cliches about relaxed immigration that only serve to weaken the country.”

Allowing DHS to act as it has been constitutes a threat to our national security and your vote to fund DHS with funding amnesties for illegal aliens only makes matters worse.

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Greg Raven

P.S. If you voted for this, it must be because you and your husband are making money off it it somehow.

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.