Poll Shows Opposition to Executive Amnesty, Support for Enforcement

A new Politico article highlights a poll which shows that Democratic voters are supportive of H.R. 5272, the House-passed legislation to stop President Obama’s executive amnesty actions, but are against S. 744, the Senate-passed “Gang of Eight” amnesty. I hope you will take this poll to heart and support policies that stop these amnesties and protect American workers.

The poll shows that Americans are decidedly against efforts by President Obama to issue more executive amnesties to illegal aliens. The House-passed approach to immigration reform, H.R. 5272, is generally approved of. When likely voters were asked if they approved of this approach, which is comprised of extra funding for immigration enforcement, making it easier to return young illegal aliens to their home countries, and restricting the president’s use of executive powers to amnesty illegal aliens, 58% of Americans — including 54% of Democrats and 57% of independents — signaled that they did. On top of this, 74% of Americans, including 56% of Democratic voters, are against the president’s efforts to go it alone.

It’s clear that American voters do not support President Obama’s immigration agenda and believe he needs to start cooperating with Congress. I hope you and your party will start to support a “three-pronged” approach to immigration reform and I encourage you to ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring the House-passed bills up for a vote.

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Greg Raven

P.S. I also e-mailed you about this yesterday, with details about the three steps you could take right now to prevent Obama’s illegal executive amnesty.

Author: Greg Raven

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