Fix APPS now

It has come to my attention that the California Department of Justice is now targeting law-abiding people for gun confiscation. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE and I need you to ACT NOW. The Legislature funded the DOJ’s Armed Prohibited Person System (APPS) through SB 140 last year — you must now take urgent steps to fix the DOJ’s APPS disaster.

Travis LeBlanc, a special assistant attorney general who oversees technology operations for the DOJ, told the Los Angeles Times that California has a shoddy system for collecting case results from 58 county courts and hundreds of local prosecutors and police agencies…[t]he final outcome — guilty, not guilty, case dismissed — is missing for about 7.7 million of the 16.4 million arrest records entered into the state computers over the last decade [alone].

In other words, the DOJ has admitted that it is basing very serious law enforcement efforts on a terminally flawed system. You cannot let this continue.

  • How many non-prohibited Californians have been hurt by unfounded APPS law enforcement actions?
  • How much money will the State and local law enforcement agencies lose to civil rights lawsuits due to APPS that could be spent fighting real crime?
  • How many law enforcement man-hours are being wasted by DOJ and APPS? What is that costing us, the taxpayers?
  • How many guns have been taken from people who have a right to own them by DOJ and other state and local agencies?

You, our elected representative, need to make sure that DOJ has 100% confidence in its records and decisions BEFORE they send armed agents to people’s homes.

Fix APPS now.

Greg Raven

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.