Even ‘centrists’ don’t want amnesty

A new NBC News poll shows that swing voters — what the pollsters dub the new American Center — have little appetite for giving illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship. Given this fact, I hope you will not go along with plans to force his amnesty on the American people.

According to the poll, the American Center consists of four distinct groups: Minivan Moderates, the MBA Middle, Pick-up Populists, and WhateverMan. This group, when taken together, comprise more than 50% of the American population and cast the deciding votes in national elections.

When this group was asked if they support providing illegal aliens with a pathway to citizenship, only 12% said they strongly support giving illegal aliens a path to citizenship while 38% said they strongly oppose. Overall, 54% of the center oppose giving illegal aliens a path to citizenship while only 32% support it.

It’s clear that the American people, particularly the moderate center, do not support giving illegal aliens any special benefits. Please take this poll to heart and spread its results amongst your colleagues.


Greg Raven

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

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