Oppose H.R. 1413

I urge you to oppose H.R. 1413, the Border Security Results Act of 2013. While I do wish to secure the border, this bill would have no real impact on border security and would simply give the Senate the vehicle it needs to pass a mass amnesty.

The Secretary of Homeland Security is already required to report on the status of U.S. borders, gain and maintain operational control of U.S. borders, and implement a biometric entry/exit system at ports of entry. This bill weakens current law because it wouldn’t actually force these things to occur, it only requires DHS to submit plans on how they could be accomplished. Further, only 90% control of high traffic areas of the border are considered, ignoring the rest of the U.S. international land and maritime borders. What use is a bill that asks DHS to submit plans to accomplish smaller goals that they are already supposed to have accomplished?

Worse still, this legislation would give the Senate the House-passed immigration bill they need to attach their amnesty bill to. Once this is done, little could be done to stop it.

I urge you to oppose this legislation.

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Greg Raven

P.S. Secure our border, evict all the illegals already here (including anchor babies), and return to pre-1965 immigration law!

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.