Gang of Eight shunning law enforcement

Recently, ICE Union President Chris Crane told a Senate Committee about the Gang of Eight’s refusal to meet with any law enforcement when they drafted its immigration bill. How are we supposed to enforce our nation’s immigration laws when the opinions of these men and women are ignored by Congress? I hope you’ll ensure these Americans are heard.

Chris Crane told the Senate Committee that when he tried to respectfully ask a question during the Gang of Eight’s Q&A portion of its public introduction of its bill, he was removed from the room by Senate staffers and law enforcement. Is this the way our law enforcement agents are treated by U.S. Senators?

Crane also said:

Lawmaking in our nation has indeed taken a strange twist as Senators invite illegal aliens to testify before Congress and groups representing illegal aliens are brought into the development of our nation’s laws, but America’s citizens working as law enforcement officers within our nation’s broken immigration system are purposely excluded from the process and prohibited from providing input.

Last week, desperate to be heard, border sheriffs, interior sheriffs, deputies and immigration agents all came to Washington, D.C. with the hope that the Gang of Eight would hear their concerns. They held two meetings on two separate days, not one member of the Gang of Eight attended.

I hope you’ll make sure that these fine men and women helping to guarantee the public safety of all Americans are heard before the Senate moves forward with its immigration bill.

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Greg Raven

P.S. We need to demand an enforcement-only immigration policy until we clear the swamp. Secure the borders, and put American citizens first.

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

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