Re: Newt Gingrich mocks Mitt Romney on ‘self-deportation’

LA Times

Re: Newt Gingrich mocks Mitt Romney on ‘self-deportation,’ by Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 25

Newt Gingrich in attacking Mitt Romney on the concept of self-deportation of illegal aliens currently in the United States ignores the long and successful history of self-deportation in this country. The sad thing is that you don’t even have to be a former professor of history — which Gingrich claims to be — to note that in states that recently have passed laws aimed at enforcing existing Federal laws against illegal immigration, the illegals have indeed chosen to self-deport. Furthermore, it’s disgusting that any candidate for president seems more concerned about the humanity of foreign criminals than that of the legal citizens he¬†purportedly¬†wants to represent.


Greg Raven

Greg Raven

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