No DREAM Act amnesty

It is reprehensible that Sen. Reid wants to force the DREAM Act amnesty on the American people during the lame duck session of Congress. You need to do the right thing and stand up to the Majority Leader and just say “No” to amnesty!

It is completely unethical for Speaker Pelosi to even consider pushing through the DREAM Act amnesty. The estimated two million illegal immigrant children in the United States are only a fraction of the millions of aliens who would benefit from the DREAM Act amnesty, which does not place a cap on the number of people who qualify, provides exceptions to the under-35 age limit, and applies retroactively to anyone who first illegally entered the U.S. before age 16. Furthermore, the recipients of the DREAM Act amnesty will be permitted to petition for their illegal parents and adult relatives to come here once they become citizens. Surely this loophole should be closed before legislation such as the DREAM Act is even considered?

The marketing campaign for the 2007 DREAM Act made it seem that the amnesty was intended for high school graduates who are on their way to college or the armed forces. But the bill, as written, ensured that illegal immigrants did not have to attend high school or go to college or enter the military to qualify for the amnesty: they only need to take an ability-to-benefit test and complete a one-year vocational program to get on the path to citizenship (and there was no requirement that they actually complete their college education or join our armed forces).

There are 22 millions who cannot find a job and the Congress should not consider passing any amnesty when so many Americans are out of work (and so many illegal aliens have jobs). Even if you support the DREAM amnesty in principle, I hope you realize that a jobs depression is the wrong time and a lame duck session is the wrong place to pass such legislation.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this,

Greg Raven

P.S. How about supporting this country and its citizens for a change? Deport all illegals, secure our borders, and return to pre-1965 immigration policies.