Why vote for Obama?

I can understand not wanting to vote for John McCain — he’s a deeply flawed (and possibly insane) individual. However, this doesn’t explain the cult-like fervor of Obama supporters.

I’ve spoken with more than my fair share of them, and it is clear they don’t know (or can’t/won’t articulate) why they support him.

Typically, I point out that they don’t even know the person they claim to support:

  • They don’t know if he was born a U.S. citizen, because he won’t release his birth certificate.
  • They don’t know if his mother qualifies as a person who can give birth to a U.S. citizen.
  • They don’t know if he gave up his citizenship on moving to Indonesia.
  • They don’t know if he somehow regained U.S. citizenship after leaving Indonesia, or in fact how he got back into the U.S. or what passport he uses for travel.
  • They don’t know what he did in college, because he won’t allow the release of his transcripts. This means they don’t know what he did in college, or even if he accepted foreign aid to pay his college bills.
  • They don’t know what his true relationships are with various radical Leftists, Black Liberation theologists, Marxists, etc., because he either dissembles, lies, or avoids answering questions along these lines.
  • They don’t know what he did with the $50 million in Annenberg Foundation money that was supposed to go to improving education in Chicago, but instead went to race-based initiatives.
  • They don’t know what — if anything — he did to improve the lives of Chicago-area residents, through his “Community Organizing.”
  • They don’t know the source of the 2/3 billion dollars in campaign contributions he received, because he hasn’t been very forthcoming about his supporters.
  • They don’t know what he intends to do in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., although they tend to believe that he somehow going to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq within a few days of taking office.
  • They don’t know what he means when he says he’s going to redistribute wealth in America.
  • They don’t know what he means when he says he’s going to bankrupt the coal industry (which provides, among many other things, 49 percent of electrical power in the U.S.).
  • They don’t know what his policies will do to their taxes.
  • They don’t know how he’s going to admit millions of illegal aliens into the country, while at the same time putting actual U.S. citizens back to work.
  • They don’t know how he’s going to give tax rebates and tax reductions to 95 percent of the working people while adding $4.37 trillion in expenditures to the federal budget.
  • They don’t know how he’s going to uphold his oath of office, while working to destroy its core principles and drive governmental corruption to its highest levels ever.
  • Etc., etc.

I have a feeling that many current Obama supporters are going to be disappointed when reality rears its head, some because they can’t believe they fell for his promises, and others because they can’t believe he’s not keeping his promises.

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.