Democrats and plagiarism

You gotta love Hillary Clinton’s charges of plagiarism against Barack Obama. For a couple of weeks now, it’s become clear to me that she’s upset that, having no substance herself or in her campaign, she’s run into an opponent with even less substance, who’s more successful.

Clinton’s meta-gripe is essentially that people shouldn’t like Obama when he uses her words, because they don’t like her even when she uses the same words. She’s probably also upset that those she used to court, such as Denzel Washington and Spike Lee, turned out to be so, uh, quotable. I mean really: These people are good enough to support her, but to parrot what they say? Out of the question.

I’m not defending Obama’s plagiarism. Here’s a man who has done virtually nothing with his life, yet found it incumbent upon himself to write two autobiographies. Yikes! With nothing of his own, he must have developed a finely-tuned antenna for picking up good-sounding bits and pieces to mimic, to get as far in life as he has.

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.