Support S. 1362

It is vital that local law enforcement have the ability and funding to work in tandem with federal law enforcement dealing with criminal aliens. That is why I trust you will cosponsor the Homeland Security Enhancement Act of 2005.

Your support of S. 1362 will show that you have respect for our security, our borders, and the rule of law. This surely will increase your support among swing voters, as a majority of Americans want increased interior enforcement and less illegal immigration.

This common-sense legislation will address the criminal alien crisis in this country by expanding state and local law enforcement’s authority to enforce immigration law.

Every day state and local police come into contact with illegal aliens as officers go about their duties, yet they are often instructed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to release the illegal aliens due to a lack of immigration inspectors available to detain illegal aliens. This is outrageous, law enforcement officials should be allowed to enforce all laws.

That is why it makes sense to bring our 700,000 state and local law officers on the beat with respect to immigration crimes. The Homeland Security Enhancement Act not only allows for this but assists these local and state law enforcement agencies in the funds and training they need.

Opponents of giving local police the tools to pick up illegal aliens falsely claim that foreign-born residents would cease to report crimes. In fact, the legislation specifically gives police the authority to give immunity to anybody reporting and otherwise helping with community police work.

The real reason that most people oppose having local police participate in immigration enforcement is that they want illegal aliens to be able to work and live in violation of the law without any fear of prosecution.


Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

Greg Raven

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.